10/12/2011 05:47 pm ET

Photographer Slaps Meat On Mischa Barton’s Face — ANIMAL

Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields continues to display his immense talent for snagging Hollywood’s discarded hot messes. First LiLo rolled around in bloody lingerie for him. Now here’s a topless Mischa Barton cropped just above the nips, submissively begging and chewing some thick, raw, presumed cow flesh, then holding it against her face. Wait, did Tyler give her a black eye too?

Coupled with the perplexing caption: “You will never get what you want if your scared to ask for it!” here’s your Huh? for the day. Come and get some meat in your face, with a side of attempted sexy that’s gone sour by way of classic misogynist kitsch. Gotta give him some credit — he only shot Mischa’s good side, blowing it out and masking it with produce. Had he not told a story about being stalked by her fan club, we wouldn’t recognize her.