10/13/2011 04:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Second Casualty: How Jimmy Kinsey Fell Apart After He Was Back Put Together (PHOTOS)

"The thing that got me was the amount of times I told the military to please, please help me come up with a way to help him with his addiction and wean him off of the pills. I thought he needed inpatient drug addiction therapy. He needed help and I didn't feel like anyone would listen to me.''
Karie Kinsey

Karie's husband, Jimmy Cleveland Kinsey was seriously injured in April 2006 when he drove over a land mine in Ramadi, Iraq. As he recovered, Kinsey struggled with chronic pain, depression, drug addiction, and the anguish of losing buddies in battle. Eventually he lost, dying sick and alone, face down on the floor of a Houston hotel room. Karie Kinsey tried to help, but she feels she didn't get enough support from the Military. Here are some photos of the Kinseys.

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Karie Fugett and Jimmy Cleveland Kinsey II