10/13/2011 12:29 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

'American Horror Story' Recap, Season 1, Episode 2: 'Is Everybody Crazy?'

Back in everyone's favorite haunted LA Victorian, everybody is not alright. While the general level of supernatural lunacy seems to have abated, real crazy people have entered the scene. It also looks as if Ben's past affair is about to smash its way through into the present. The recap:


This week featured less nudity (only one shot of Ben without a shirt) but still had sex on the brain, or, more accurately, not having sex.

Flashback to 1968: A student named Maria is brutally murdered, but not before she admits she's a virgin. Her friends are all off at The Doors concert -- too bad she was such a square.

Tate, meanwhile, in Ben's office, tells him he jerks off thinking about Violet, caressing her soft skin and making her "purr like a kitten." She's a virgin, he says, and they "get wet so easily." Ben ends the session and tries to get rid of Tate.

Ben has other problems: The student he had an affair with is pregnant and she wants him to be there for the abortion. He lies to Viv, flies off to Boston, and has some wine with her -- but he's going to sleep on the couch.

Next door, Constance is about to have some fun with a wannabe male model, who tells her she's beautiful. They dance, but not before she locks Addie in a closet full of mirrors, where she screams, and screams.

Ben's newest patient is a girl who dreams of getting her legs cut off in an elevator. "Have you ever been sexually abused?" Ben asks her. The answer is no -- actually, she's obsessed with LA murders and wanted to get a look in the murder house.


This is a particularly bloody episode. Lessons learned: No one wants to be stabbed multiple times in the back while they're tied up and dressed like a nurse.

Back in 1968, a crazy man with blood on his face stabs the student to death and drowns the nurse.

In the present day, three wacky kids are trying to re-enact the same crime. With Ben in Boston, Viv and Violet are left to fend them off. Tate, who spends his time lurking around the house, gets Violet to lead them into the basement. All of them are axe-murdered, by Tate, or as Tate says, by the ghosts of the two murdered women from '68.

Afterwards, Tate, Moira and Constance stand in the basement. With some bleach, and a shovel, they're going to take care of it.


At school, Violet's befriended the mean girl she accidentally fear-tortured. She's become a smoker, can't sleep, and her hair is going white from fear.

Viv is afraid something is wrong with her baby, because she's not throwing up the way she did with the other ones.

Constance, maybe trying to help (maybe) bakes up a batch of chocolate cupcakes filled with ipecac syrup and Addie's spit. They have candied violets on them, and are for Violet, but Viv eats one and seems to be okay. So does one of the murderer-wannabes -- she vomits everywhere before getting killed.

When Viv asks Constance (who can smell that Viv is pregnant by her pheromones) if she thinks there's something up with her baby, Constance talks about the three children she's lost. Her "womb is cursed."

Ben guilt-runs through LA to a tunnel where he weeps. The burned man is there, and judges him for being unfaithful, despite the fact that he himself murdered his wife and children.

"Is everybody crazy?" Ben asks, at some point.

The answer is yes, of course, or no, but they're ghosts. After being assaulted, Viv tells him they're going to move out of this house. We'll see about that one.