10/13/2011 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

London Philharmonic To Release Album Of Greatest Video Game Music (VIDEO)

What do Brahms and Super Mario have in common? Aside from equally impressive facial hair, they have now both had their music played by the London Philharmonic. The upcoming album from the London Phil will have the suspense of 'World of Warcraft,' the grace of 'Legend of Zelda' and the drama of 'Angry Birds.'

To be released on November 8, the album 'The Greatest Video Game Music' will feature 21 pieces that hope to appeal to high society and teenage boys alike. 'Angry Birds' composer Ari Pulkkinen recalled hearing the orchestral rendition: "This is the first orchestral version of one of my compositions and it really comes alive. It has such a great depth and a majestic touch, and it was very emotional for me when I heard it the first time."

Is the London Phil's venture into pop culture territory a sign of the expansion of classical music's relevance or a move of desperation? Check out some of their songs and let us know what you think.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Theme (Pre-order album here: by kwall