10/13/2011 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Moves Like Jabba' Is The 'Star Wars' Inspired Maroon 5 Parody You Didn't Know You Needed (VIDEO)

Sure, "Moves Like Jagger" might be one of the biggest songs of the year, but what if throwback references to the Rolling Stones frontman aren't enough to satiate your pop culture needs?

Don't worry! Break has mashed up the hit song with some lyrics more befitting of its 70s subject matter -- aka Star Wars -- and brought us something glorious: "Moves Like Jabba."

While he's basically just a giant blob with a big mouth and eyes, he's got some moves, right? And someone, somewhere probably finds his slime sexy. It's 2011. Whatever floats your boat, man.