10/13/2011 10:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Republicans For Not Focusing On Job Creation (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow let the Republican-controlled House of Representatives have it Wednesday night for what she called their failure to find time to debate President Obama's jobs creation bill.

Maddow pointed out the seven topics Americans rated as the number one priority for the government in a recent NBC poll. Job creation and economic growth topped the list, followed by other topics like the deficit, health care, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the energy cost of gas. Poll responders could have checked a box for "other" if they thought the priority should be something not listed.

"You want to know what's on their agenda right now?" Maddow said of the House Republicans. "Other!" She called out Representative Eric Cantor for describing Obama's jobs bill as a total package as "dead," and highlighted that the House was not even spending time debating the bill. According to Maddow, the House said it did not have time.

"Why don't House Republicans have time to work on jobs?" Maddow asked. "Why don't they have time to even debate a jobs bill?"

Maddow then harshly criticized the House for their Thursday plans: debating abortion. "Thursday is abortion day!" Maddow announced.

She put responsibility on the "Beltway media" and its coverage of House Republicans. "Should the Beltway media just dutifully write that down and say 'well they say they're focused on jobs so they must be focused on jobs?'" she said. "Or is it the role of the Beltway media to not just take on faith what they say the Congress they control should be working on?"


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