10/14/2011 05:00 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

13-Month-Old Boy Overdoses On Prescription Pills From Bottle Given To Him As A Rattle

A bottle of pills may have been behind the Friday morning death of a 13-month-old Bronx boy.

According to the Daily News, the parents of Edwin Perocier Jr. may have given him a prescription pill bottle to use as a rattle prior to the incident. However, whether the father's prescription bottle was given to the child as a rattle or he accidentally picked it up is a bit unclear. One way or another it seems the child was playing with the bottle, using it as a noisemaker, before opening and consuming the pills inside.

Police responded to the Bronx residence around 8 a.m. Friday to find the boy unconscious and unresponsive, according to CBS New York. He was later pronounced dead at Lincoln Hospital.

An autopsy will confirm whether or not the pills were ultimately responsible for the child's death, according to ABC News.

The Daily News reported earlier this morning that both parents had been charged with reckless endangerment, but police also told 1010 WINS that they were being talked to and had not yet been arrested. Other sources, such as the New York Post have also posted more recent articles stating that the parents are yet to have been charged in the boy's death.