11/02/2011 12:58 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Cabbage And Grapefruit Salad With Sauteed Shrimp

In his series Marcus' Kitchen, chef Marcus Samuelsson shares dozens of recipes that prove "American" cuisine is really a delicious melting pot that draws upon flavors from all over the world.

In this video, Marcus sautées his salad's "dressing" -- peanuts, ginger, lime juice, sardines, garlic, chiles, soy sauce, peanut oil and sesame oil -- before adding it to shredded Napa cabbage. He chose the white cabbage due to its high water content, which helps to dilute the flavor of the salad's strong ingredients. This tart, citrus-y slaw-like concoction -- topped with fresh pink and regular grapefruit segments, chopped scallions and sautéed shrimp -- is reminiscent of tart Southeast Asian salads. It would make a perfect light summery dinner or lunch.

Get the Recipe for Cabbage and Grapefruit Salad with Sautéed Shrimp.