10/14/2011 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

Darius Brown Killed: Five Charged In Innocent 13-Year-Old's Murder (VIDEO)

Four men and a woman were charged Friday in connection with the August shooting that killed 13-year-old Darius Brown as he played basketball with friends at Metcalfe Park on the South Side.

Prosecutors say the shots fired into park from a passing car Aug. 3 were intended for a rival gang member in retaliation for the recent murder of a young woman, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Brown, the only person struck by gunfire, died several hours later from a gunshot wound to his neck.

Three Chicago men, Aramis Beachem, 22, Jamal Streeter, 18, and Vito Richmond, 17, are facing murder charges, the Sun-Times reports. Clarence Whitelow, 29, of Chicago, was charged with unlawful possesssion of a firearm by a felon, and Michelle Lawrence, 21, of Dekalb, was charged with insurance fraud.

Brown was one of many young victims of gun violence in the city this summer who was not involved with gangs and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Authorities launched a large-scale investigation into Brown's death, releasing surveillance footage and posting a $10,000 reward for information pertaining to the murder.

Bail was set for Beachem at $2.5 million and at $2 million for Richmond, the Chicago Tribune reports. No bail information was available for the other suspects.

"You read about it. You hear it on the news. You pray that it stops, but when it affects home you really feel it," family member Paris Morrison said of Brown's death. "It's sad because of the violence that's going on. He was innocent."

Brown's mother told NBC Chicago she found a bit of peace knowing that her son died doing something he loved--playing basketball.

"It's dreadful," Chicago Bulls Ambassador Sydney Green said at a ceremony honoring the child, according to NBC. "And it's something that we can relate to -- that I can personally relate to -- and this kid was on the basketball court honing his skills of becoming the next or better Derrick Rose and his life was cut short."

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