10/16/2011 06:31 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2013

A Concert With Instruments Made Completely Of Ice (VIDEO)

"You have to move all the time, because if you stop, you will just freeze," the Iceman reported to CNN. That's quite an intense statement coming from a musician. But Terje Isungset, otherwise known as the Iceman, is a pretty intense guy.

Terje Isungest is the world's first ice musician, playing instruments completely made of ice in as low as -30°C temperatures. Over 10 years ago Isungset, a Norweigan percussionist, started experimenting with using stalactites as chimes. Since then he has expanded his repertoire to include horns, harps, trumpets, guitars, ice marimbas, an iceridoo, a revamped didgeridoo, and traditional Norwegian langeleiks. Each instrument creates a completely unique sound, and there is no telling how long the instrument will last. While one ice horn lasted 50 performances, many last only a single one. Isungest retrieves the ice blocks for his instruments in a six hour process which involves extracting them from iced-over lakes. Over the years he has performed in a frozen waterfall, at Sweden's Ice Hotel and at the Ice Music Festival, which he founded.

Watch below to see the chilling talents of Terje Isungest, a man who, as his website describes, "developed his own musical universe by using pure frozen water from the lake/river to carve his own instruments."