10/14/2011 08:12 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

Tommy Edison: Blind Film Critic Hits A Baseball At A Batting Cage

Whether he's performing his job as a traffic reporter, reviewing movies or hitting balls at the batting cage, Tommy Edison keeps busy. To keep people abreast of his activities, Edison has created his own Youtube channel.

Although the list of activities isn't necessarily noteworthy at first, viewers tune in because Edison provides inspiration. And, also, because he is funny. Born blind, Edison engages in pursuits that many would not expect him to, providing inspiration for people of varying abilities in all walks of life. In the video above, he tries his hand at hitting a baseball, an activity believed by many to be among the most difficult in all of athletics.

After needing a few swings to get his timing down, Edison begins getting bat to ball. While taking vocal cues from an instructor, Edison eventually makes consistent contact with the ball.

His success in the batting cage calls to mind Doug Wells, the blind 15-year-old from New Jersey who threw a no hitter in a Little League game.

As evidenced by the rating system for his movie reviews, Edison has a great sense of humor. He recently gave 50/50 starring Joseph Gorden-Levitt and Seth Rogen 3 1/2 out of 4 eyes open. But his penchant for drawing laughs belies a steely determination to not let his blindess inhibit him in any way. In his brief bio on the website for the radio station he works for, Edison was asked about his biggest challenge. The candid Edison responded, "seeing."

Whether swinging a baseball bat or taking swipes at a blockbuster film like the fourth installment in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, Edison has shown that he's doing just fine in facing that challenge.