10/15/2011 04:42 pm ET Updated Dec 15, 2011

Siri: The Best Conversations With The iPhone 4S Virtual Personal Assistant (TWEETS, VIDEO)

Siri, Apple's much-touted "virtual personal assistant," has got people -- and iPhones -- talking.

Even before the iPhone 4S was released on Friday, reviewers who had early access to Apple's latest iteration of its top-selling smartphone were getting a kick out of sharing their conversations with Siri.

"How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?" and "Where do babies come from?" are a couple of the questions The New York Times asked Siri. And yes, she gave pretty good answers.

Joshua Topolsky of This Is My Next posted dozens of shocking, hilarious conversations between himself and Siri. You can check out Topolsky's best talks with Siri (here).

And now that the iPhone 4S has been made available to the general public, people have taken to Twitter to share some of their exchanges with the voice-recognition app.

We've compiled not only some of the best conversations users have had -- and tweeted about -- with Siri, but also some of their reactions to the new feature. And to mix things up, we've thrown in a couple from the parody account, @SiriLogs.

Have you heard Siri say anything amazing or outrageous? Share them in the comments (below) or email them to You can also visit the aptly named Sh*t Siri Says Tumblr blog to read some of the best Siri quotes and submit some of your own.

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