10/15/2011 11:50 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2011

'Talking Pictures': Book Shows Cary Grant, Andy Warhol, Doris Day And More In Their Natural States (PHOTOS)

With the old glamor revival going on these days, the screen legends seen here could easily fit in the modern world. As the originals, they wear their style with more panache -- Doris Day rocks a bicycle with her luminous smile, Cary Grant is the original Roger Sterling in horn-rimmed glasses, and Omar Sharif sports the 'stache of all 'staches. These seldom-seen shots come from the archives of Ellen Graham, whose work was printed in W, Time, People and Newsweek over the span of 40 years. Graham captures her subjects in semi-candid states, lounging at home in a pool of shoes and sipping a cup of espresso while shirtless (don't we all). More than 200 of them have been collected in a book by Pointed Leaf Press titled "Talking Pictures," a sampling of which you'll find below. Take a click through, and let us know your favorite old-meets-new moment in the comments.

All images from Talking Pictures © 2011 Ellen Graham, Pointed Leaf Press