10/17/2011 03:00 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2011

David Daniels, High School Football Coach, Severely Injured After Attack From Opposing Team's Players

A Friday fight between two high school football teams in Hancock county, Ga. left a Warren County head coach with crushed facial bones, an unrepairable tear duct, more than 100 stitches and in need of reconstructive surgery, WRDW reported.

Superintendent Dr. Carole Jean Carey told the station that the fight occurred after the Hancock players lost to the Warren County team 21 to 2.

Carey told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a group of more than 30 Hancock players attacked the Warren players shortly after the loss.

When coach Daniels attempted to stop the violence, he was allegedly "smashed in the face with a helmet."

After undergoing reconstructive surgery to correct the bones above and below the ear and cheek, the Augusta Chronicle reports that justice for Daniels may take longer than hoped, as the requested exploration by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has hit a road block.

"Mike Ayers, of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said the Warren County school district requested the organization’s assistance. Ayers added the GBI is not permitted to get involved without first obtaining a request from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, which denied [Superintendent] Carey’s request."

“They wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say,” Carey said.

Daniel returned home from the hospital Sunday night, but is awaiting the doctors' decision on what procedure is next.

Other recent incidents in youth sports have led to punishments or hospital visits as well. Members of two Pennsylvania high school football teams were suspended last month after a massive brawl broke out following a game, though no one was seriously injured.

Another incident this month, however, sent 27 students to the hospital after an Ohio high school football player placed a spike in his glove that pricked members of the opposing team during after-game handshakes. All of the pricked students had to receive tetanus shots.