10/17/2011 12:44 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2011

John Harbaugh On Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz Fight: Ravens Coach Discusses Incident Involving Brother (VIDEO)

Following the conclusion of the 49ers' win over the Lions in Detroit on Sunday, San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh and Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz shared what was likely one of the most bizarre post-game handshakes in NFL history.

As Harbaugh shook Schwartz's hand, he appeared to slap him on the back a little too hard. This gesture caused the Lions coach to chase after Harbaugh, who appeared completely unaware of what was going on. More words were exchanged and the two had to be separated.

The incident was the talk of the NFL on Sunday. Among those weighing in was likely one of the world's foremost experts on picking a fight with Jim Harbaugh: Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

During the post-game press conference following the Ravens' win over the Texans, Harbaugh was all laughs when he was informed of the incident involving his brother.

"Let me put it this way, I've been in fights before with Jim too," the Harbaugh said with a smile. "I won some early in our childhood career, then it got slanted the other way for awhile."

The brothers will play against one another on Thanksgiving night when the 49ers travel to Baltimore. Regardless of the outcome of the game, we'll be watching that post-game handshake very carefully.