10/17/2011 08:17 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2011

Salma Hayek Ogled By Puss In Boots (PHOTOS)

Puss in Boots better be as suave as he's been bragging he is in the viral video campaign teasing his new film, because from our vantage point, he just looks like a pervy cat.

Premiering the new Dreamworks animated adventure on a cruise ship, Hayek, who plays co-adventurer Kitty Softpaws, and Antonio Banderas, the voice of the title feline, held court in front of a captive audience of "Shrek" spinoff enthusiasts. At the photo call for the event, they each got close with the big mascot versions of the other's character, which is when Senor Puss made his move.

To be fair, Hayek, she of gorgeous figure and alluring Spanish accent, did get awfully friendly with the leading cat. And maybe he's not used to how these things work. But still, eyes up, buddy. She's married to a billionaire.

(Then again, maybe Salma whispered to him that she is quite intrigued by this video).


Salma Hayek Ogled By Puss In Boots