10/18/2011 04:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anderson Cooper's Psychic Reading: Allegedly Visited By His Brother, Father (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper sat down with famed psychic medium John Edward on his show Monday. Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt had separate readings and spoke about their experiences on the show with Edward present. Edward highlighted his method, how he was able to contact "the other side" and how he used the information he received to construct a reading for Cooper and Vanderbilt.

Cooper, who openly said he was skeptical of Edward' claims, sat down with Edward and said he was "a little nervous" for his reading. He asked "why do people come through?" Anderson was referring to deceased individuals who communicate through mediums to access those who are alive.

"They come through because they can," Edward answered. "...As a medium, I get in the middle of what's already there," he added. "So you're saying...that my brother and father are still around?" Cooper asked. "I am absolutely saying that," Edward claimed.

Edward asked Cooper about the name "Sam," which Cooper said was the name of the pet snake he had with his brother when they were children. Cooper seemed surprised by Edward' mention of the name since Cooper just taped an episode of his show and featured this pet snake (which, for complex reasons, has been preserved in lucite for decades).

Edward then brought up a farm that had two distinct sections. Cooper confirmed that his father grew up on a farm in Mississippi that was separated into two plots. Cooper looked seemingly astonished and laughed nervously when Edward told him that his father (who was speaking to Edward from "the other side") said that "[Cooper] would have fond memories of going to the one section [on the farm] where there's a dip, where there either was water or could have been water at one point."

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misspelled John Edward's name.

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