10/18/2011 06:13 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2011

Cat Survives TWO Euthanasia Attempts (VIDEO)


After surviving two euthanizing attempts, a Utah cat proved that she might actually have nine lives.

When no one claimed Andrea, a black-and-white stray, from a Utah animal shelter, an employee performed the routine procedure of putting the feline to sleep, reports. The resilient pet survived her first round in the gas chamber, and at first, showed no sign of life after the second attempt.

But then, the employee heard a faint sound emerge from the freezer where she had placed Andrea’s body.

"They heard a meow," Janita Coombs of the Community Animal Welfare Society told "They heard a meow, again, louder."

Though Andrea was visibly sick and weakened, she purred and rubbed against the employee who became determined to save her, according to the Community Animal Welfare Society.

She was turned over to that organization, which hopes that the furry fighter will now serve as a "spokescat" against the use of gas chambers, reports. The nonprofit is considering filing a claim against the animal shelter, CAWS announced on its website.

“The goal must be to change the thinking of governments that allow such mistreatment of animals,” the Community Animal Welfare Society stated, “they surely don’t deserve to be victims of such cruelty.”

If you would like to adopt Andrea, or another pet in need of a home, you can find out more information here.