10/18/2011 04:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John McCain: Elizabeth Warren Relies On 'Special Interest Allies'

WASHINGTON -- In a fundraising email sent on behalf of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) on Tuesday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) accuses Brown's likely opponent, Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, of being beholden to special interests.

McCain, who still maintains a reputation for strong ethical standards, warns that Warren "and her special interest allies have already raised more than three million dollars for her campaign coffers."

Sent by McCain's Country First PAC, the solicitation goes on to attack Warren on more traditional grounds, including "her class warfare rhetoric and her anti-capitalism views." But it is the suggestion that Warren was beholden to special interests that stands out -- not just because the Harvard professor-turned-Senate candidate has built a reputation of her own as an advocate for consumers, but because the email comes on the same day that Brown is scheduled to have a fundraiser with those same vilified special interests.

As pointed out by the Public Campaign Action Fund, Brown is set to rub elbows on Tuesday night with financial lobbyists such as Mary Pat Lawrence of Morgan Stanley, Les Brosen for Ernst & Young, Dave Lugar for Ally Financial, and Rich White of the Alpine Group, which represents Prudential PLC.

Brown has significant ties to the financial industry, having already raised $2.6 million from its members since his election to the Senate in January 2010. And his potential match-up against Warren, who helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, seems likely to drive Wall Street donors to further gravitate toward his candidacy.

READ McCain's fundraising email in full:

My Friend,

Almost two years ago, I was proud to stand with Scott Brown when he was a little-known state senator trying to accomplish what most pundits declared impossible: capturing the so-called "Kennedy seat" that had been controlled by the Democrats for more than half a century.

With your help, Scott overcame the odds, and helped restore a sense of checks and balances in Washington D.C. at a time when our country desperately needed it.

Since his election, Scott has stayed true to his word, representing his state with a strong independent voice. Scott has fought higher taxes and out-of-control spending, and been a strong advocate on national security policies important to keeping our country safe from terrorist attack.

Above all else, Scott always puts his country first, ahead of any partisan politics or party affiliation. We need more mavericks like him in the Senate.

Please consider making a generous contribution to this campaign by following this link.

But make no mistake: the Democrats are coming after Scott with everything they've got. With more than a year before the election, the political establishment and the special interests are already lined up against him. They are intent on spending millions of dollars in ads attacking his record. A union-backed super PAC recently formed with the sole mission of defeating him.

The Reid-Pelosi establishment in D.C. also went out of their way to recruit Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren to run against him. Warren and her special interest allies have already raised more than three million dollars for her campaign coffers. With her class warfare rhetoric and her anti-capitalism views, Elizabeth Warren has the ability to raise millions of dollars from the far left fringe who are attempting to divide our country right now.

That's why Scott needs your help. He can't do this alone.

Will you once again stand with my friend Scott Brown so he has the resources he needs to fight back against the special interests trying to take him down by making a generous contribution of any amount to his campaign?

I thank you for your support.


John McCain
Chairman, Country First PAC

P.S. In order to stop the Pelosi-Reid establishment, we must help Scott Brown win reelection. Washington Democrats are rallying around his opponent, helping her raise millions in an attempt to divide our country. I'm asking you to show Scott you support him by following this link today to make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or any amount up to the $5,000 limit. Your support is greatly appreciated.