10/18/2011 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart: Occupy Wall Street 'The Hard Rock Cafe Of Leftist Movements' (VIDEO)

It's only been a week since "The Daily Show" last aired, but the Occupy Wall Street movement has come a long way since Jon Stewart first compared it to the Tea Party.

Now in over 60 cities, the protests calling for higher taxes on corporations, among other things, is picking up steam. When Stewart returned to the show Monday night, he could hardly believe how widely it had spread.

"They're like the Hard Rock Cafe of leftist movements!" Stewart said.

Not only that, but over $300,000 has been donated on the movement's website. According to Stewart, however, that's not even the best thing that's happened to them so far.

No, the best sign of Occupy Wall Street's popularity is that Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential hopeful who went from frontrunner to "safety school," as Stewart put it, in a matter of months, has now changed his opinion about the movement. First he said it was "dangerous," but now he has affirmed his support, saying is "with the 99%" and understands how they feel.

"That's how you know you've made it," Stewart said. "When Mitt Romney has taken both sides of the argument about you."

There is one downside to the movement, however, part of which "The Daily Show" covered at the start of the protests. Remember the guy who pooped on the police car? Yeah, Jon's still not having it, and it's time for that guy to meet him at camera three.

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