10/18/2011 02:00 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2011

Joshua Flecha Arrested For Brooklyn Sexual Groping Attacks

A second man was arrested on Monday in Windsor Terrace as a suspect behind the continued string of sexual attacks that have struck through Brooklyn since March earlier this year.

When plainclothes officers spotted Joshua Fletcha, a 32-year old from Queens, he was initially thought to be attempting to break into parked cars. However when officers took a closer look into Fletcha's suspicious behavior, they found him with his pants unzipped while playing porn on his cellphone.

One of the officers then recognized Fletcha's resemblance with a police sketch for the possible sexual attackers. Fletcha was arrested for marijuana possession and later identified out of a lineup by a 37-year old woman who was groped back in May.

Fletcha is believed to be connected to six possible groping incidents.

Last week Adolfo Martinez was arrested for the attack on an 18-year old outside a Sunset Park subway station.

The 20 reported cases of sexual assault have terrorized Brooklyn neighborhoods including Park Slope, Sunset Park, Windsor Terrace, and Bay Ridge since early March, with the last known attack to have been reported on October 13th after a woman was groped by a man with a knife while walking her dog. Police believe the gropings to be copy-cat attacks and may involve as many as four men.

The attacks have emboldened Brooklyn communities and given rise to rallies against sexual predators, voluntary escort services, and free self-defense classes for women in the neighborhood. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined in on one of the free classes on Sunday and said she "wanted to make sure women in Brooklyn know how to protect themselves."