10/19/2011 06:50 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

Adrian Grenier's SHFT Pop-Up Shop: Round 2 In Los Angeles, Bringing You The Best In Sustainable Living (PHOTOS)

Once you pop you can’t stop! Adrian Grenier is back in LA with his second pop-up shop at a gallery space on La Brea Avenue. Grenier and film producer Peter Glatzer founded SHFT years ago and are now in the cooler-then-cool curation business; bringing us their personal take on how to live greener. Los Angeles couldn’t be happier to welcome them back.

This time around, SHFT partners with solar home specialists Sungevity to put together an exciting galley space chock full of art, furniture, iPod accessories, food products and of course, their Shepard Fairey-designed SHFT water bottles -- all to remind people that living sustainably is not ugly. In fact, it’s pretty hot.

A private opening night party will be in full effect tomorrow evening but the SHFT Pop-Up Gallery officially opens on Friday, October 21 and will remain open for public consumption for one week -– closing on Thursday, October 27.

The Huffington Post swung by the gallery yesterday afternoon to take a look at the space, learn about some of the items that will be showcased, and hear what SHFT is up to in round two of their LA pop-up gallery.

Grenier started by giving us some background:

We met about six years ago when Peter was doing a show on sustainable living and a mutual friend knew I was talking a lot about it and we bonded right away, just in terms of our outlook and point of view and where we saw the movement heading - how we both felt disillusioned and annoyed at some of the more extreme environmentalists and how we both felt that most of it was counterproductive. So we wanted to create something that was much more accessible and might actually have a chance of working because it was inspiring people as opposed to giving people spankings.

And thus their company SHFT was born into the world -– a website and community that brings together sustainable solutions, art, design, photography and most importantly the idea that “sustainability should be folded into the fabric of our lives.” It’s not about being green or crunchy. Grenier broke it down for us:

It’s really where sustainability meets art and culture. It’s how we want to live. So it’s got to look good, we have to want it. It has to speak to us. So we try to tell the stories of products that are sustainable and meet an artistic aesthetic as well.

As we walked between crewmembers hammering fixtures in place, lights being tested, boards being hung and PR folk checking on the final details, HuffPost got the inside scoop on Adrian and Peter’s very favorite things in the space.

Click below for photos of the soon-to-pop SHFT gallery, some of the most exciting pieces and of course, Peter and Adrian’s personal favorites:




CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misspelled the names of artist Serena Mitnik-Miller and artist Kathleen Hawkes. We regret the error.