10/19/2011 01:43 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

John Oliver Visits Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

John Oliver toed a tricky line on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," with a segment on attempting -- and failing - to bond as part of the 99% at Occupy Wall Street. Oliver happens to be one of those "regular" people who find avant-garde performance art, face tattoos, and call-and-response human microphones to be incredibly annoying, not to mention counterintuitive to making a political statement.

But his segment on "The 99%" could have simply been a joke at the protesters expense; a somewhat glib statement of false equivalency to prove that, yes indeed, "The Daily Show" does make jokes about non-conservatives, too. But instead it went deeper, pointing out the inherent complacency that holds many of us "normal people" back from taking action.

Of course, before he gets to that, Oliver does have a lot of fun interacting with the more colorful protesters, as well as attempting to give the movement a camera-ready makeover.