10/19/2011 09:44 am ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

Magic Johnson Mocks LeBron James: 'I Know He's Going To Get Better In The 4th Quarter This Year' (VIDEO)

Add Magic Johnson to the list of people who have garnered a few laughs at the expense of LeBron James. Whether it's riffing on James' now-infamous line about taking his talents to South Beach, lambasting the Miami Heat's preseason celebration or just highlighting James' fourth quarter struggles, plenty of NBA players, former players and comedians have jumped at the chance to mock the two-time MVP since "The Decision."

At a recent speaking appearance in Albany, N.Y., the Lakers legend -- and five-time NBA champion -- decided to poke fun at James' lack of NBA titles.

"There's always going to be guys who win championships in the NBA, except LeBron," he said, causing the crowd to burst out in laughter. "Don't be mad. Everybody asks me who is better between Kobe or LeBron. I'm like, are you kidding me? Kobe has five championships and LeBron has zero."

Magic, who really seems to enjoy hamming it up for the crowd, also took a swipe at James' struggles late in games.

"I love the young man, though, I know he's going to get better in the fourth quarter this year."

Johnson would then claim "I'm not kidding on LeBron" and note his triple double prowess. But there is no doubt that Magic believes in the supremacy of the stars -- like himself, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird -- who came, and won, before LeBron.

Watch the clip at the top and click through below to see others who have mocked James.