10/19/2011 01:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Olivia Munn's Fitness Secret: Drunken Dancing

If you ask most actresses about their diet and exercise routines, they'll tell you they eat whatever they want and hit the gym a couple times a week.

Oliva Munn is not most actresses. The 31-year-old, who is currently filming Steven Soderbergh's next flick, "Magic Mike," told RadarOnline that she's has a very unique take on personal fitness.

"It seems weird but I drink. I drink when I work out. I literally hate working out," she told the website.

We totally understand where Munn is coming from, but alcohol is considered by many to be "empty calories" and it seems like downing the booze while working up a sweat is just counterintuitive.

Munn told the website she turns down her friend's offers to go hiking, favoring at home workouts like the Microsoft Kinect. The actress also confessed she hates running and knows she's not as ripped as she could be. "I realize my arms aren't as toned as Halle Berry's but I don't want them to be."

Instead of wearing herself out on the treadmill, Munn told RadarOnline she has come up with a 45 minute dance routine that modifies the traditional Grapevine step:

"We basically don't stop moving for 45 minites ... We set up two posts or tables and we have our day drinks -- mine is Tequila, pineapple juice and lime. We do the the 'Dayvine' and do it in one direction and get to our post and drink and then we go the other way," she explained. "Then we get a bit tipsy, and we can keep going."

Munn's fitness secrets aren't that surprising if you remember how she spent St. Patrick's Day. While co-hosting the fourth hour of the "Today" show with Hoda Kotb, the actress got drunk on air and confessed, "I just realized I'm going to be on 'The Soup."

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