10/19/2011 05:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Harry Bought Those Vibram 'Barefoot Running' Shoes

We're not huge fans of those Vibram FiveFinger shoes -- at least aesthetically -- but the footwear has a new, royal fan. Prince Harry picked up a pair in San Diego over the weekend, reports the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry, who's in the U.S. completing a helicopter training course, was spotted shopping at The Marine Corps Exchange, where onlookers noticed the prince picking up a pair of the Vibrams.

Shoppers were surprised at the prince's purchase, the Mail reports:

‘We couldn’t quite believe it when we saw them, but he snapped them right up,’ said a source.

Harry is no stranger to a pair of running shoes: last year he ran the Achilles' Hope and Possibility Race in Central Park.

A pair of men's Vibram FiveFingers currently costs around $75. Wondering how Prince Harry's soles will hold up? Check out this video of the Vibram shoes being road tested in Central Park.