10/19/2011 03:21 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

Rick Lee, NYPD Liaison To Occupy Wall Street Protest, Is The 'Hipster Cop' (SLIDESHOW)

The internets fell over itself this past week trying to find, identify and talk to New York's "hipster cop," the baby-faced, well-dressed community relations detective assigned to Occupy Wall Street. And now The New York Times has tracked down the mysterious man.

His name's Rick Lee, he's nearly a 20 year-veteran of the First Precinct in lower Manhattan and he is 45-years-old.

Lee, who was born in Brooklyn and now lives in Staten Island, confirmed that he is the man they call "hipster cop," telling The Times, "I will reveal that I wear skinny jeans off-duty."

Other big reveals include his musical tastes (Radiohead and The Killers), diet ("he favors organic food and eschews coffee and doughnuts.") and fashion sense (he has a friend at Ralph Lauren tailor his suits).

Gothamist previously discovered that Lee's cool-nerd glasses are actually Ray Ban sunglasses modified by popping the tinted lenses out and putting in his own prescription.

Also! A source told Gothamist that Lee had already been known as "the hipster cop" before the internet discovered him. The nickname apparently originated with someone at the mayor's office who directed someone to Lee by saying, "Oh you'll recognize him, he's the hipster cop."

The Gray Lady's interview will likely quell all the hipster cop hysteria for a while, but don't worry, dear readers, we might see Lee again, not as a cop however, but as a protetster. From The Times:

Detective Lee said he worked as a carpenter after high school and had shoulder-length hair. At the urging of his father, a retired New York firefighter, he joined the Police Department at age 25. He is now four months away from being eligible to retire.

He looked out over Zuccotti Park from a familiar spot on the perimeter and said, “Maybe I’ll grow my hair long again and join these guys.”

And in the meantime, here's a look back at some of our favorite moments from a very entertaining internet meme:


PS: Don't be 'Hipster Cop' for Halloween, ok? Not that we are, and we don't want anyone else to, or anything...