10/19/2011 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

Savannah Guthrie Shocked When Al Roker Gets Her Name Wrong (VIDEO)

Al Roker had a quick but noticeable slip-up on Wednesday's "The Today Show," when Savannah Guthrie tossed to Roker, presumably after she finished reporting from the news desk. Later in the show, Guthrie confronted Roker and had producers roll tape of the infamous moment.

"Al, how long have we known each other?" Savannah asked.

"Oh years!" Roker said.

"Explain this," Savannah said, pointing to the camera. The shot showed to Guthrie standing at the news desk listening to Roker thanking her for her just-concluded report. The only problem: he didn't thank Savannah. He thanked, "Samantha!" Guthrie looked visibly shocked but took the slip-up in good humor telling Roker, "I knew you would do it one of these days!"

Guthrie joined 'Today" following the departure of host Meredith Vieira in June 2011. While Guthrie is the newest member of the on-air team, Guthrie said that Roker jokingly "always teas[es] [her] about [her] name." Roker implied that he meant to bring the friendly banter on-air and said, "I was gonna go with Sesquahanna!"


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