10/20/2011 02:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert Nails Rush Limbaugh Over Obama Christian Killing Accusations (VIDEO)

You have to hand it to Rush Limbaugh. When it comes to wild, unfounded accusations, no one can touch him.

On Wednesday night's "Report," Stephen Colbert featured a segment on the inflammatory radio host's recent on-air claim that Obama is sending troops to Uganda for the purpose of "wiping out Christians." Explaining that the "Christian" group Lord's Resistance Army promotes an objective "to remove dictatorship and stop the oppression of our people," Limbaugh left out that the LRA has terrorized the people of Uganda and other countries for over 25 years by abducting children, brainwashing them and forcing them to become sex slaves as well as torturers and executioners.

After rolling a clip of Limbaugh's claim, Colbert mock-criticized President Obama as a Christian-killer: "He's not only a secret Muslim, he's a secret lion." He then went on to show another clip of Limbaugh -- having just been informed of what the LRA does by a caller -- stuttering through an explanation that his show would research it more and do their "due diligence."

Colbert then snarked, "Of course, due diligence always comes after accusing the president of killing Christians."

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