10/20/2011 02:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash: New Mango Phones Unveiled By Microsoft (PHOTOS)

Feeling a little full after all that Ice Cream Sandwich? Here's a little taste of Mango to cleanse the palate.

The newest smartphones running the Windows Mango operating system have been unveiled, separately at the All Things Digital AsiaD Conference and in a post on the Windows Team Blog. President of Microsoft's Windows Phone division Andy Lees showed off three new phones running Windows Mango at the AsiaD Conference: The HTC Titan, the Samsung Focus Flash and the Samsung Focus S. Though these phones had been announced earlier in September, these photos are our first good looks at the three of them together.

In addition to outing the three upcoming phones, Lees also said that in 2012 Windows phones would be coming with capability for both NFC, for mobile payments, and 4G LTE, for faster mobile surfing, as well as confirming that Nokia would be revealing its Windows Mango smartphones at its Nokia World event next week.

For now, though, the big news is the unveiling of these three new handsets running the much-improved Windows Mango OS. All of these will be available on AT&T, though neither release dates nor pricing have yet been announced. Click through the slideshow below for official pictures and some preliminary technical specs of the next generation of Windows phones: