10/21/2011 09:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

PopTech 2011 LIVE: Watch Streaming Video Of Conference Speakers

The PopTech 2011 conference is underway in Camden, Main. This year's theme? "The World Rebalancing."

The gathering brings together thinkers, inventors, artists, revolutionaries, entrepreneurs and more from around the world to share ideas, to teach and be taught, to encourage global change. describes the world's "rebalancing" act as "a series of connected and converging revolutions in technology, economics, ecology, energy, geopolitics and culture that mark the end of one global era and the beginning of another."

From the website:

As the compass needle tilts from West to East, North to South, and physical to virtual, what changes? Strategically? Economically? Technologically? Culturally? Geopolitically? Will these changes help or hinder us in tackling our most urgent challenges?

You can visit the conference's website to catch PopTech 2011 streaming live as it unfolds and read blog posts recapping conference presentations. For a recap of the conference's highlights, be sure to visit PopTech's Tumblr blog, where you can catch videos of notable speakers, photos from each night of the conference and much more.

You can also check out a live stream of the conference right here (embedded below).

Watch live streaming video from poptech at