10/21/2011 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Rum Diary' Clips Released: Johnny Depp Sees A Very Long Tongue, Drives Fast

Thanks to Johnny Depp's savvy house-searching, we're about to enter the peculiar, inebriated mind of the late Hunter S. Thompson once again.

"The Rum Diary" was Thompson's first attempt at the novel, fictionalizing his time in Puerto Rico as a cub reporter in 1958. Here he plays Paul Kemp, who is supposed to represent two dueling sides of Thompson's personality. Bruce Robinson wrote the script making alterations wherever he and Depp saw fit.

The film co-stars Amber Heard as the forbidden love interest who married to a wealthy man (Aaron Eckhart) and Richard Jenkins as a newspaper editor.

Take a look at two newly released -- and very not-sober -- clips below.