10/21/2011 07:32 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2011

Joanna Yeates Trial: Vincent Tabak Denies Sex Thrill In Killing

Joanna Yeates's killer has been accused of strangling her for sexual thrills.

Vincent Tabak denied claims he was aroused and gratified by throttling the 25-year-old. Tabak, 33, said he was attracted to Miss Yeates but said sex was not on his mind as he attacked her.

He told a jury Miss Yeates had been cheery and happy while flirting with him before the attack.

Giving evidence for a second day at Bristol Crown Court, he was asked by prosecution QC Nigel Lickley whether his motivation in killing Miss Yeates was sexual.

"What's the difficulty in accepting it is sexual?" the prosecutor asked Tabak. "Is it because there are other sexual elements to what happened?" Tabak replied: "There were no other sexual elements."

Mr Lickley asked: "Is the holding of her throat sexual in your mind? Did you derive sexual gratification from holding her throat?" Tabak replied: "Definitely not."

The prosecutor asked: "Were you sexually aroused when you went to kiss her on the mouth?" Tabak replied: "No ... I felt attracted to her, yes."

Mr Lickley went on ask Tabak whether he thought she was attracted to him "because she made a comment about her cat getting into the wrong place".

Tabak said: "She was cheery, happy ... She made the comment (about the cat)."

The Dutchman, who denies murder but admits manslaughter, added: "We were standing close to each other, she invited me in for a drink. She made a flirty comment. I thought she was flirtatious."