10/22/2011 02:34 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2011

Top 15 Colleges With The Highest Application Fees

Students who are searching for their future college home are generally advised by high school counselors to apply to multiple schools in order to broaden chances for admissions. In fact, the College Board states that students should apply to five to eight institutions, including a range of options from safety schools—colleges and universities students are positive they'll get into—to reach schools, at which admissions to the school may be more of a stretch for some students.

But applying to so many schools can get expensive. The average application fee across all schools for the 2010-2011 academic year was $37.64, according to data reported by 1,457 schools in an annual survey to U.S. News. (At 44 of the schools that reported data, there is no application fee.) If a student applied to eight schools, then, and paid the national average for each application, he or she would spend about $300. Keep in mind, though, there are many schools that will waive the fee for students with financial need, while others offer a waiver to students who apply online.

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Here are the schools that have the highest application fees for undergraduates, all which are at least double the national average cost.



American Colleges With Highest Application Fees