10/22/2011 08:16 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2011

Baby Wombat's First Steps Are A Little Shaky (VIDEO)

For the first time ever on video, an Australian northern hairy-nosed wombat can be seen taking its first steps outside of its burrow.

In the video shot by Queensland Parks and Wildlife and uploaded earlier this month, infrared cameras capture the baby wombat's first emergence at Richard Underwood Nature Refuge in Queensland.

The wombat's appearance came two weeks after its mother was first seen without the joey in her pouch.

In the video, Dave Harper, a ranger at the refuge, says that in the 1980's, "the species got down to about 38 animals in the wild."

Harper said with young wombats emerging from burrows within two years of the species' reintroduction to the refuge, "we've exceeded all our expectations."

This summer, Australian scientists discovered the fossilized remains of a wombat species that was as large as a rhinoceros.

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