10/22/2011 09:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Some Girls' Reissue Unreleased Track: 'No Spare Parts' From The Rolling Stones

Like those uncrushable Beatles, the Rolling Stones are descending on us as if for the first time. First came an Exile On Main Street reissue with 10 previously unheard tracks, and now we're looking at a Some Girls reissue with 12. Here's the first leaked track from that album, "No Spare Parts," featuring vintage Jagger, Richards, Wood, Watts and Wyman. A producer "discovered" the old recording recently, which "tells the story of a trip from Los Angeles to San Antonio." It's musically pretty nondescript, and easy to see why it didn't make it. But in any case, here's a piece of Stones history for your weekend.

The Some Girls reissue is due out Nov. 21.