10/24/2011 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 24, 2011

Woman Claims NYPD Officers Gave Her Drugs In Exchange For Sex

In a shocking testimony last week, a woman claimed that NYPD narcotics officers provided her with crack in return for sexual favors.

Melanie Perez was on stand for the Jason Arbeeny trial involving eight undercover officers of the Brooklyn South Narcotics Squad under investigation for corruption charges including framing innocent people with drugs in order to meet department quotas.

The Daily News reports that Perez told the court that an officer called her to come into his home where he then forced her into smoking drugs and performing oral sex.

Perez explained, "What was I going to do? I did it."

She revealed that the officer, who she knew as Frank, introduced her to another officer, Sean Johnston, who also provided her with crack.

He gave me a nice piece for Christmas. It was crack and it was kickin'.

The Arbeeny trial has been an utter embarrassment for the narcotics department. Earlier this month, former detective Stephen Anderson made the first public account detailing the squad's illicit behavior. In 2008, Anderson and a fellow officer were caught "flaking" drugs on innocent men at a Queens bar. Anderson also told the court that such behavior was demonstrated multiple times by supervisors, undercovers, and even investigators.

The practice of "flaking" has reportedly been costing the city $1.2 million to settle claims of false arrests, with settlements ranging from $15,000 to $300,000.