10/24/2011 05:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Morning Joe' Mocks Rick Perry Over Birther Statements (VIDEO)

The "Morning Joe" team harshly mocked Rick Perry for his flirtation with birtherism in a recent interview.

Monday's edition on the show went as far as hosting a reenactment of Perry's Sunday interview with Parade magazine. In the interview, Perry made a series of questioning statements about the validity of President Obama's birth certificate. This did not go over well with the "Joe" crew.

In the reenactment, Willie Geist played Perry and frequent panelist Mark Halpering played the interviewer. The dramatic reading was punctuated by squeals of laughter from Mika Brzezinski and cries of "what does that even mean?!" from Joe Scarborough.

When the reading was over, Brzezinski turned to Scarborough and said, "you have a disturbing set of candidates in your party." Scarborough concurred, calling the slate a bunch of "absolute idiots."


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