10/25/2011 01:24 am ET Updated Dec 24, 2011

Ralph Lauren, Oprah Bring The Stars Out To Lincoln Center (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

There are the Academy Awards, there's the Met Gala, and then there's... Lincoln Center Presents: An Evening With Ralph Lauren?

Yup, last night's Lincoln Center gala honoring the American designer was one of the most star-studded nights in recent memory. Hosted by none other than Oprah herself, the event featured a guest list culled the best of the best from Hollywood, fashion and New York society.

Between Lauren's fashion friends (Robbie Myers, Diane Von Furstenberg, Glenda Bailey), Oprah's pals (Piers Morgan, Alina Cho, Dr. Oz) and a slew of Hollywood's brightest names like Camilla Belle, Uma Thurman, Kerry Washington and Naomi Watts, the red (er, navy) carpet positively glowed.

What also glowed: the shiny white and ivory Ralph Lauren gowns that walked the runway during the fashion show portion of the night. Also glowing in his typical bronze was the man of the hour, interviewed live in front of partygoers by Oprah. And he didn't even prepare; said Ralph, "I didn’t ask to see the questions first because I felt it would be much more interesting to see what she asked, and if I can’t answer, I’m going to run!"

Oprah, of course, only had nice things to say. The host told the audience, "[Ralph] would tell you that the fabric of America defined his work. But as a matter of fact, he designed the fabric."

Below, see the many famous faces who came out to support the two icons. Out of the dozens of black-clad guests, who had the best look of the night? Click through and let us know (and watch video of Ralph's interview with Oprah below)!

Ralph Lauren and Oprah Gala at Lincoln Center