10/25/2011 12:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cat In Traffic Light (VIDEO)

Well, this certainly adds a whole new twist to the game "red light, green light."

Let's just take a minute to think of the implications. "Green light!" (Everyone runs.) "Red light!" (Everyone stops.) "Green light!" (Everyone runs.)

"CAT!" Everyone ... crawls? Meows? Both?

Anyways, check out this adorable video of a cat who either got stuck on a traffic light, or just found an awesome vantage point from which to people-watch and control the flow of traffic. We hope it's the latter.

Whichever it is though, this little kitty is probably in a better situation than the cat who was temporarily stuck inside a van's dashboard and had to be rescued by a mechanic. Another poor cat was thrown from a car window, but survived and led a rescuer to her kittens.

Want to care for a kitty in need? Visit the ASPCA website to learn about adopting a cat.


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