10/25/2011 08:59 am ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Exotic Animal Survivors From Zanesville Farm In Ohio: How You Can Help

Though the Columbus Zoo has now taken in the sole six survivors from the Zanesville, Ohio, farm tragedy, the animals still need additional help.

No one is sure as to why Terry Thompson, 62, released more than 50 animals from his private farm and committed suicide, the AP reports. But, activists and nonprofits are stepping in to make sure that those that escaped death are properly cared for and that such a tragedy doesn't happen again.

See the list below for ways you can help:

Help The Survivors
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Wilds is currently caring for the three leopards, two Celebes macaques, and one young grizzly bear that survived the tragedy on Tuesday. Though the animals are in good hands, the zoo needs additional funds to pay for relocation, care and rehabilitation costs.

Donate here.

End Exotic Animal Trade
Ohio is just one of eight states that doesn't regulate private ownership of exotic animals and the Humane Society wants to change that. According to the organization, such regulation is necessary in order to protect animals that require trained professionals to care for them. "Keeping exotics in backyards and basements has ended in tragedy time and time again -- as we're sadly witnessing with the recent incident in Zanesville," the nonprofit stated on its website.

Protest the trade and selling of exotic animals here.

Wear The Message
When you sport a "Never Forget Zanesville Animal Massacre" T-shirt, you'll not only raise awareness, but you will also help support the six survivors. Twenty-five percent of each purchase will be donated to the Columbus Zoo's efforts to finding a proper home for the animals.

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