10/25/2011 10:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gayle King, Chuck Todd Talk About Sex Lives (VIDEO)

Gayle King got a tad personal with MSNBC host Chuck Todd on her show Monday. While the two media personalities have been longtime friendly admirers, this conversation was a little awkward even for the closest of friends dishing on national television.

King asked Todd if he agreed with something she recently read that said humor is essential for men to get women in bed.

Todd started laughing nervously. "Trust me it has to be, look at this face!" Todd said pointing to himself. He added, "I have two children," and said he must have made his wife laugh because he did not make her "swoon."

King said that she also heard from someone in her studio who danced with his wife to get her in the mood.

Todd asked, "what kind of dancing?! Sort of like a jester? Do you put a pole in?" Before ending the segment Todd thanked King for "making him blush."

Watch (h/t Fishbowl DC):

Chuck Todd Uses Humor to Satisfy Wife, Not Dancing

Gayle and Chuck Todd joke about strategies to keep a good sex life going.