10/25/2011 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Kimlon Dillon Touchdown: Florida High School Star Goes Airborne For Touchdown (VIDEO)

That's one way to earn a scholarship.

During a high school football game in Florida between Apopka High and West Orange High, Apopka safety/running back Kimlon (K.J.) Dillon took a somewhat unorthodox route to the end zone.

After being handed the ball on a reverse around the 20-yard line, Dillon sped, untouched, toward the end zone until three West Orange defenders blocked his path. At this point, Dillon decided his only option was to go airborne. The 6'2" 180-pound high school senior leaped towards the goal line from the five-yard line, and amazingly hurdled all the opposing defenders on his way to an unforgettable touchdown.

It may not have taken the balance of Chris Donald's game winning barrel roll for Red Bank Catholic High School, but Dillon's play was certainly remarkable.

Dillon's Apopka squad won the game 53-22. According to, Dillon holds scholarship offers from 13 different FBS (I-A) football schools at the moment, but after this footage makes the rounds, you can certainly expect that number to grow.

Of course, with his apparent ability to take flight, it's also possible that Dillon will circumvent college athletics and opt to join The Avengers instead.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision as being Division 1-A. This nomenclature was changed in 2006.