10/25/2011 11:30 am ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Virginity For Sale: Utah Mom Pleads Guilty To Offering 13-Year-Old Daughter To Man

A Utah mom pleaded guilty to sending sexually explicit messages about her 13-year-old daughter to a man who she hoped would pay $10,000 for sex with the virgin teen, The Associated Press reports.

The woman, 33, promised the would-be john that the girl would perform oral sex and other sexual acts in exchange for the money, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect the daughter's identity, also sent lewd photos of the adolescent to another man.

Authorities got a tip about the plot from the woman's boyfriend, who had seen the text messages, reports said.

Salt Lake City's district attorney Sim Gill alleged that the mother and one of the men took the girl to Victoria's Secret, where she modeled lingerie for the potential client.

The mom faces 30 years behind bars. Prosecutors dropped two first-degree sex abuse charges against her, which carried possible life sentences, because she agreed to plead guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor.