10/26/2011 12:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges Talk Occupy Wall Street With Charlie Rose (VIDEO)

"Democracy Now" host Amy Goodman and progressive journalist Chris Hedges appeared on Tuesday's "Charlie Rose" to talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Both had high praise for the protests, not surprisingly: Goodman has drawn newfound attention for her show's devotion to the movement, and Hedges had a widely-seen interview with an aggressively anti-OWS broadcaster in Canada.

"it is catching on like wildfire," Goodman said. "...We are seeing something like we haven't seen before except decades ago with the civil rights movement, the anti-war is hot right now."

"Could it be, in your judgment, a new American Revolution?" Rose asked. "Oh, I think it is happening as we speak," Goodman said. "it's already changed so many people, given so many people hope."

Hedges brushed aside the notion that the message of the movement was not clear. "These people are very clear about what they want, and what they want is an end to the corporate coup d'etat that has been carried out," he said. "...We cannot sustain ourselves, both not only as a society but even as a species, if we don't confront the corporate state. I think it is a return to sanity."

Rose asked about the seeming lack of overt leaders of the movement. Goodman said this was a good thing.

"The strength is that people feel empowered," she said. "Corporate America has a problem when so many people have been disempowered and left out of the system...they see all of these issues as linked."