10/26/2011 05:32 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2011

Top Guilt For Moms: A Messy House

By Rachel Emma Silverman On The Juggle

The so-called Mommy Wars posit that there's tension between mothers who choose to stay home with their kids and moms who work for pay.

Whatever side of the debate these moms come down on, there's one thing parents in both categories can agree on: They all feel guilt about having a messy house.

A report, by the Working Mother Research Institute and Ernst & Young, surveyed 3,700 mothers nationwide on their work and family decisions.

According to the survey:

Working mothers feel most judged about:

1. How clean my house is
2. Not taking care of myself
3. The amount of time I spend with my children

Stay-at-home mothers feel most judged about:

1. My contribution to family finances
2. How clean my house is
3. Not using my education

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