Atheist Group Objects To Student-Led Prayers During Football Game

Does religion have a place in public high schools? The Freedom From Religion Foundation -- a national organization for atheists -- believes that the answer to that question is a resounding "no." The group filed a complaint against an Alabama school district for permitting student-led prayers that use the name of Jesus during high school football games on school property. The atheist group claims that the school has violated the students' First Amendment rights to freedom of religion.

And this isn't the first complaint the atheist group has filed against an Alabama school for the use of prayer. In this case, the school decided to replace pregame prayers with a moment of silence.

Up in Rhode Island, a similar case arose earlier this month when 16-year-old atheist student Jessica Ahlquist fought to have a prayer mural removed from the wall of her school's auditorium. She claimed that the mural was offensive to non-Christians, and has taken the school district to court because of it. The attorney defending the school argued that the mural is a historical artifact from the 1960s which serves no religious purpose.

So, what do you think about the atheist group's complaints? Do you think student-led prayers should be officially allowed on campus? Sound off in the comments.