10/28/2011 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2011

Justin Timberlake Talks Hygiene With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Justin Timberlake stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last night to promote his new film "In Time" and the the conversation turned weirdly off topic.

Kimmel asked the singer turned actor to explain a tweet he once wrote that said, "I surfed in Hawaii for a month and only showered twice. I'm not going to lie I smelled."

Timberlake laughed saying he didn't want that to sound like "some random Kanye West tweet" but that he was doing a question and answer session where someone asked what was the longest he had gone with out showering.

He told Kimmel that he does shower regularly and added, "You hear rumors about certain people like, 'Oh yeah they don't shower, and then you're like 'yeah whatever," he said to imply skepticism.

Kimmel asked him if he was referring to Matthew McConaughey, who has been said to have a bit of a body odor problem. Timberlake appeared to be caught off-guard by Kimmel's comment and replied that's not who he was talking about.

Well who was Justin talking about?

Was he making a reference to rumors that his ex-girlfriend actress Cameron Diaz doesn't shower and has an issue with body odor?

And for fans desperate to know if Justin will ever make another album, you should be comforted to know he told Kimmel, "My idols as it were Sinatra and Dean Martin and Gene Kelly, kind of the guys who could do it all. And do it in a way that was authentic to them. I don't think I could ever stop doing music."