10/28/2011 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Great Pumpkin 'Outliers'

Nate Silver gives Herman Cain little chance of winning, but objects to pundits who give him no chance of winning, Matt Glassman disagrees, Hans Noel looks at the data differently, Jon Bernstein has more.

Dan Balz reports on a Peter Hart focus group finding that many like Cain, but few admit to seeing him as a potential president.

John Sides wonders why so many Power Outsiders (local Republican party elites) consider Herman Cain viable.

National Journal's Political Insiders predict a Romney win in the GOP primary.

Frank Newport asks what happened to Jon Huntsman.

David Hill says Obama's done.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that conservatives prefer a flat tax to "9-9-9."

Mark Mellman says to ignore the Iowa polls.

Ron Brownstein has eight takeaways from early-state polls.

Andrew Gelman calls out Doug Schoen.

A Washington Post/Pew poll shows most Democrats support Occupy Wall Street, but a Fordham University professor's survey of the protesters suggests most of them are down on President Obama.

Gallup finds that the demographics of the Republican party haven't changed much since 2008.

Flowing data shares "the best statistics multiple choice question ever written on a chalkboard."

The Pew Research Center has a new spokesgourd.