10/28/2011 03:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Does New Steve Jobs Biography For Kids Rip Off Businessweek?

Publishers Weekly reveals that Macmillan imprint Feiwel and Friends is releasing a new biography of Steve Jobs - this time aimed at a young adult audience.

Written by Karen Blumenthal, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, the book will be called "Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different." It will be released in hard and softcover simultaneously on February 14, a fast turnaround for such a big publisher, and the first printing will be 100,000 copies.

The book's publisher, Jean Feiwel, told Publishers Weekly that "he is of interest to kids not just for the computers, iPads, and iPods he created, but for who he was and how he lived his life."

It sounds intriguing - however, while Steve Jobs may have thought different(ly), it seems that Feiwel and Friends doesn't. We can't help but notice the similarity between the book's final cover design and the Steve Jobs tribute cover of the magazine Bloomberg Businessweek.

The director of publicity at Macmillan Children's Publishing told The Huffington Post that we were "the first people to bring that up," and that the cover was the final approved version.

What do you think?